Managing Threats By Simplifying Security

Elastic Cyber Programs Built for Metaverse Speed.


Cyber Engineering, Governance, Operations

We provide cyber engineering services, along with Program Management and daily operational support. 

Blockchain, Metaverse, Augmented Reality

We guide companies into the Metaverse and security risks with blockchain, cryptocurrency, and virtual environments

Risk Management and Continous Monitoring

We offer audit and risk mitigation in support of Continuous Monitoring requirements.

Target Four (T4)

Prioritize Your Cyber Risk Zones



We work closely with your IT Operations team to clean up those default infrastructure deployments. Pakyt can evaluate existing network typologies, identify risks with current and future solution design, evaluate and select appropriate security products, apply security technologies, and support a mature documented process for security maintenance.



Pakyt provides cyber security engineering services for hardening information systems. We design, develop, and incorporate security controls, provide oversight for secure IT Operations, and baseline environments. Pakyt provides cyber analysis and tailors intrusion detection and prevention tools to support with neutralizing advanced persistent threats. 


Risk Management

Our professionals have IT Operations expertise, which means we understand how IT functions, how to efficiently certify and assess environments,  address vulnerabilities, and respond to audits. We compliment industry standards with years of experience to identify and mitigate threats within your organization.


Product Security

We offer consultation in security-focused design,  configuration, scanning, use of open-source platforms, and tool selection. Since a majority of attacks are web-based (or code related), implementing secure development best practices and methodologies into the deployment process is critical. As part of our core model, were able to shift security to the left and reduce time to deployment, maintaining release schedules. 

We Do This Stuff Too...Very Well.

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Program Support

Program Management Support

Were great at supporting Program Management Office teams with professionals who can help with part or the entire information system lifecycle:

  1. Project Initiation
  2. System Deployment
  3. Operations
  4. Maintenance; and 
  5. Decommissioning
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Subject Matter Experts
  • Security Plans
  • Contingency Plans
  • Incident Response Plans
  • Configuration Management Plans
  • Assessment Plans
  • Privacy Impact Assessments
  • Interconnection Agreements
  • Business Requirements
  • Policy, and Procedures 
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Incident Response

Be Prepared and Breathe Easy
  • Preparing for incidents
  • Coordinating failover tests
  • Analysis and recommendation  technologies to support incident response and triage 
  • Support threat hunting initiatives  
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